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Integra Ti™

Cromwell Hospitals, U.K.

“Until recently, Cromwell centres have been using a variety of different micromanipulation systems, namely Narishige and older models from Research Instruments. We are now upgrading these to the latest Integra Ti systems from Research Instruments.

Since the installation of the Integra Ti systems, we have noticed a significant rise in our success rates. We primarily believe that this is due to the highly developed design of the Integra Ti that allows our Embryologists to perform ICSI at the quickest times possible. All controls are simple to use and perfectly positioned.

The pipette set-up is particularly rapid, allowing injection pipettes to be replaced within seconds during the ICSI procedure, very useful if a pipette becomes blocked during an ICSI. Overall, the features of the system mean that the specimen are kept out of the incubator for the shortest time possible, optimising our fertilisation rates.

The other features of the Integra Ti such as the built-in heated plates and a digital help menu, which are not offered by other systems, are also of particular use.”

Matty Andonov

Ljubljana, Slovenia

“I have been doing ICSI since 2001 and having previously used the Narishige micromanipulators we have upgraded our ICSI system to the Integra Ti from Research Instruments.

To be honest in the beginning there was difficulty, in changing systems the routine was gone and new steps had to be learned with perfection. But after the initial troubles, which would arise certainly with every other change in such a delicate procedure as ICSI, the micromanipulation became fantasy. With every ICSI the work was easier and quicker not to mention changing different types or brands of micropipettes, with adjustable angle of the pipette holder this step became really quick and accurate.

We have found the unique features of the Integra Ti very useful in everyday routine and research work. From it’s touch screen controlled built in heated stages to the incredibly quick pipette set-up, the system excels at giving me the ability to control the micropipettes with great speed and accuracy.

With this system I can now complete ICSI’s at a much quicker rate than ever before. This means that the cells are now out of the incubator for the shortest time possible giving the Embryos a better chance for survival and development.”

Cedomir Joksimovic

RI Witness™

Overlake Reproductive Health – USA

“I certainly feel that we are now doing absolutely everything that we can to satisfy our patients worries, and numerous patients have informed us that they feel better knowing that this safeguard, RI Witness, is in place.”

S. Kelly

CRMF Sheffield – UK

“The tags are very robust and every stage of the IVF process is continuously monitored and recorded in a patient log. That is immensely reassuring for both patients and clinicians.”

Jane Pritchard

Herts and Essex Fertility – UK

“RI Witness is a very simple to use system where the user feels reassured that at all times the working area is scanned, the forcing function provides comfort to the user and weekend witnessing is now undertaken without the need for a witness to be brought in especially.”

Andy Glew

Centre for Assisted Reproduction – Gateshead, UK

“The ease of operation is great. It has streamlines our working practice and made for more efficient lab procedures – performed according to our timetable and optimization of the eggs etc. rather than the availability of a witness.”

Sophie Jewitt