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Denudation and Handling Pipettor

EZ-Grip® allows you to quickly and confidently manipulate with a very high degree of precision. The straightforward ergonomic design is comfortable to use for long periods.

Due to its smooth streamlined body, EZ-Grip®  can be rapidly and effectively disinfected or autoclaved.This device was developed alongside professionals in Assisted Reproductive Technology, specifically for clinical applications.

The unique Pipette Size Indicator on the Ez-Grip® may be used as a reminder of the size of pipette being used or left at a blank setting.

The EZ-Grip® fits with the EZ-Tip® and all popular plastic denudation and handling pipettes(Ø0.9mm)

“I can confidently use the EZ-Range for all embryological handling procedures and rest assured that the eggs/embryos are secure during movement.”
Julia Paget, Complete Fertility, Southampton, UK


Key Features


Adjustable aspiration volumes for precise control

Practical and Durable

Autoclavable, ergonomic design that requires minimal maintenance

Quick Identification

Pipette size indicator dial


Fits with EZ-Tip® and all popular plastic denudation and handling pipettes (Ø0.9mm)

Denudation and Handling Devices

The EZ-Range includes: EZ-Tip®, EZ-Grip®, EZ-Strip®, EZ-Squeeze™, EZ-Squeeze™ Handle and EZ-Stand.

Our denudation and handling devices are manufactured in an ISO 14644 cleanroom facility and sterilised by an approved gamma irradiation centre, meeting ISO 11137 standards.

The EZ-Range is available in a large selection of colour sizes to suit your application.


Sample Delivery

Pipette Outer Diameter

Actuator to use with EZ-Tip® or plastic pipette tips with an 0.9mm outer diameter

Blow Out Utility

Overall Dimensions
127mm length x 18mm diameter at widest point

Aluminium and Stainless Steel


Sterilisation Method


Order Codes

Order Code Product
7-72-2800 EZ-Grip® without Comfort Rest
7-72-2802 EZ-Grip® with Comfort Rest
7-72-2000 EZ-Grip® Spares Kit
6-72-2810 EZ-Range Stand


Q. What size of pipette tips fit to my EZ-Grip®?
A. EZ-Tip® pipette tips and all popular pipette tips with a 0.9mm outer diameter.

Q. Does my EZ-Grip® require regular maintenance?
A. The EZ-Grip® may eventually require a replacement plunger wire and ‘O’ rings after extended use. These can be ordered from RI. One set is supplied with the unit.

Q. Do I need any tools to maintain my EZ-Grip®?
A. Supplied with the EZ-Grip®is a M2.5 hex key tool that is needed to loosen and replace the plunger wire. No tools are required to replace the seal.

Q. Does the EZ-Grip® need regular servicing?
A. We believe we use higher quality component parts to minimise maintenance requirements.

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