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  • EZ-Strip


    EZ-Tip® is a premium quality plastic tip for oocyte denudation or gamete and embryo handling.

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  • EZ-Strip


    An ergonomic premium pipettor for denuding or transferring patient samples.

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  • EZ-Strip


    A complete single-use system for oocyte denudation and sample handling.

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  • EZ-Strip


    A denudation and transfer pipette and bulb system for use with a handle accessory.

  • RI Pipettes

    Research Instruments has been manufacturing high quality micropipettes since 1998. The embryo and endotoxin tests used by RI are the highest in the industry and each pipette is individually inspected by highly skilled experts thus ensuring RI micropipettes are the premium product in the market today.

  • Fertisafe


    Fertisafe™ is a unique embryo-safe disinfectant. Used at leading clinics worldwide.

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  • MSC

    RI MSC

    The Migration Sedimentation Chamber (MSC) is designed to separate vigorous, A-motile sperm from non-motile or abnormal sperm and ejaculate debris.

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