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EZ-Grip® – Pipettor


EZ-Grip® is a premium pipettor for denuding or transferring patient samples. Developed for the most comfortable and precise sample manipulation, this streamlined design is intended for practical sterilisation and long-term durability. The EZ-Grip® is one of RI’s products for denudation.


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Key Benefits

  • Precise – Adjustable aspiration volumes for precise control
  • Practical – Autoclavable
  • Durable – Requires minimal maintenance
  • Quick Identification – Pipette size indicator dial
  • Versatile – Fits with EZ-Tip® and all popular plastic denudation and transfer pipettes (Ø0.9mm)


Immediately accessible and easy to adopt, the EZ-Grip® can be quickly and confidently manipulated with a very high degree of precision. The straightforward ergonomic design is comfortable to use for long periods. Due to its smooth streamlined body, EZ-Grip® can be rapidly and effectively disinfected or autoclaved. This device was developed alongside professionals in IVF to present a practical and durable device specifically for clinical applications.

The EZ-Tip® pipette size indicator dial on the EZ-Grip® may be used as a reminder to relate to the size of pipette being used or left at a blank setting if preferred.

The EZ-Grip® stands apart from competitor pipettors due to its modern, considered design supported by RI’s reputation for innovation, quality of manufacture and customer service.

A range of accessories is now available to compliment the EZ-Grip® and EZ-Range. The Comfort Rest provides additional support for the EZ-Grip® acting as a stand plus a hand support.

The EZ-Stand provides a rest for the devices between procedures. It is powder-coated aluminium for easy sterilisation and suitable for use in a flow hood.

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Q. What size of pipette tips fit to my EZ-Grip®?

A. EZ-Tip® pipette tips and all popular pipette tips with a 0.9mm outer diameter.

Q. Does my EZ-Grip® require regular maintenance?

A. The EZ-Grip® may eventually require a replacement plunger wire and ‘O’ rings after extended use. These can be ordered from RI. One set is supplied with the unit.

Q. Do I need any tools to maintain my EZ-Grip®?

A. Supplied with the EZ-Grip®is a M2.5 hex key tool that is needed to loosen and replace the plunger wire. No tools are required to replace the seal.

Q. Does the EZ-Grip® need regular servicing?

A. We believe we use higher quality component parts to minimise maintenance requirements.