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EZ-Squeeze™ is a premium quality fixed-volume combined bulb pipette and ergonomic handle for denudation and transfer.


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Key Benefits

  • Pre-assembled – Plastic pipette with a flexible bulb for a reliable seal and simpler set-up
  • High quality – Consistent geometries and smooth edges
  • Sealed – Unique packaging solution combines individual unit sterility with multi-pack convenience and economy
  • Flexible – Unbreakable plastic tip that will not scratch Petri dishes
  • Sterile – Gamma irradiated
  • Biocompatible – MEA and LAL tested
  • Autoclavable handle accessory


EZ-Squeeze™ is a premium quality single-use device for oocyte denudation or sample transfer. Extensive quality control procedures ensure the most consistent geometries and smooth edges for gentle samples handling.

The pre-assembled EZ-Squeeze™ pipette is fitted with an aspiration bulb, creating a reliable seal, which is not always guaranteed with customer assembled systems. The combined unit also enables faster set-up and the flexible, shatter-proof plastic pipette is designed not to scratch the Petri dishes, unlike fragile glass pipettes are prone to do. The autoclavable EZ-Squeeze™ handle is designed for maximum precision, ease of handling and a comfortable working position. The handle is supplied separately to the EZ-Squeeze™ pipettes.

The EZ-Squeeze™ pipettes are embryo safety tested on a batch basis using the highest industry pass mark in Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA). The batches are also certified free of endotoxins by the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test.

EZ-Squeeze™ is supplied in a box of 20 individually sealed pipettes. The packaging has also been designed with clear large print and colour coded sizing information for clarity in low light.

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“I can confidently use the EZ-Range for all embryological handling procedures and rest assured that the eggs/embryos are secure during movement.”
Julia Paget, Complete Fertility, Southampton, UK

Q. Is the EZ-Squeeze™ bulb pipette compatible with competitor handles?

A. It is compatible with handles with a 4mm inner diameter. However, a EZ-Squeeze™ handle is supplied as required.

Q. Is the EZ-Squeeze™ handle compatible with competitor pipettes?

A. It is compatible with pipettes with a 1.5mm outer diameter with a bulb with a 4mm outer diameter.