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The EZ-Strip® from RI is a device for oocyte denudation and gamete/embryo handling.

Simple to use, the EZ-Strip® is completely disposable, avoiding any contamination, is ergonomically designed and provides both strong suction and accurate control.


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Key features

  • No cross-contamination – Complete single-use system
  • Innovative – Unique, ready-to-use, ergonomic design
  • Efficient – Colour-coded for quick visual identification
  • High Quality – Consistent geometries and smooth edges
  • Flexible – Unbreakable plastic tip that will not scratch Petri dish
  • Sterile & Tested – Gamma irradiated, individually pouch packed and rigorously tested by MEA and LAL

The EZ-Strip® is a unique registered design developed specifically for oocyte denudation and gamete or embryo handling. This option was developed for maintaining the most exacting laboratory sterility standards; the EZ-Strip® minimises the risk of cross-contamination by offering a complete sterile unit. Systems using reusable devices or handles cannot provide the same level of confidence.

The EZ-Strip® is batch tested embryo safe to the highest industry pass mark in Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) – at least 80% of the test embryos must reach the blastocyst stage. The batches are also certified free of endotoxins by the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test. EZ-Strip® is manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility and sterilised by an approved gamma irradiation facility meeting ISO 11137 series of standards. The shelf life of EZ-Strip® is 3 years.

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“I can confidently use the EZ-Range for all embryological handling procedures and rest assured that the eggs/embryos are secure during movement.”
Julia Paget, Complete Fertility, Southampton, UK