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The RI MSC™ (Migration Sedimentation Chamber), is designed to separate vigorous, A-motile sperm from non-motile or abnormal sperm and ejaculate debris.

Selection of sperm with good motility and results in increased fertilisation rates. The RI MSC™ is a simple and effective system with very low preparation time which eliminates the need for centrifuge and consequently avoids sperm tail damage and induction of reactive oxygen species.

Each unit is single use, individually packaged and gamma irradiated.




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Key features

  • High percentage of vigorously A-motile spermatozoa
  • Improved morphological sperm quality
  • Individually sterilised by gamma irradiation
  • Almost no immotile spermatozoa
  • Excellent separation of free swimming sperm from those aggregated due to anti-sperm antibodies
  • No leucocytes, bacteria or debris
  • Centrifugation step not necessarily required resulting in no sperm tail damage and a reduction in operator time
  • Less induction of reactive oxygen species
  • No endotoxic risk from harmful gradient media
  • Simply use culture medium
  • Raw semen, with a minimum of preparation, can be used
  • Non-cytotoxic, proven by Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)

RI-MSC™ Specifications Table

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“RI MSC™ is simple to use and requires no centrifugation step, therefore operator time is reduced to < 5 mins. It is ideal for the efficient preparation of high quality semen and outperformed direct swim up by, on average, 46%.”

Erica Foster, Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton, UK