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Research Instruments has been manufacturing very high quality micropipettes since 1998. Our micropipettes have developed over the years through the combination of experience and the input of experts in the ART field providing a precise, non-sticky and consistent range.

RI micropipettes are made from extremely close tolerance glass capillaries. The pipettes are then individually inspected and embryo and endotoxin tested. Our pipettes are also packaged with RI’s unique Twista-Pak™ to ensure that they are delivered safely and sterile. RI Pipettes have a shelf life of 3 years.


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RI Pipette Range

ICSI-Plus™ Injection micropipettes range

ICSI-Plus™ injection micropipette features include a parallel section for fine sperm control, a sharp bevel utilizing RI’s unique bevelling technology, a sharp spike and a consistent opening diameter with no closing or deformation near the tip where the spike has been formed. Non-spiked versions are also available.

ICSI-Plus™ Holding, Holding, PGD and other micropipettes

Holding micropipette features include a smooth, uniform opening designed with the input of leading ICSI & PGD practitioners.

All RI micropipettes are made with consistent geometries throughout the range. Micropipettes are available in different sizes for preference and suitability to each procedure – see the Specifications tab for details.

Following each step of production, our micropipettes are individually inspected by our Quality Control staff. Our procedures are such that an ICSI-Plus™ micropipette is examined five times before production is completed with up to 600x magnification to ensure only micropipettes that pass the strict quality standards are released as final products.

State of the art, ultra-clean manufacturing facility

RI’s micropipette manufacturing facility uses cutting edge equipment to produce a range of micropipettes of the highest quality, ultra clean, sharp, consistent, and non-sticky. This allows the user to perform multiple injections with the same micropipette with confidence without it getting blocked, and so reduces usage rates and procedure time in the lab.

RI micropipettes are manufactured and packaged in an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom facility. The air inside the cleanroom is changed once every 3 minutes to remove particles in the air. All of our operators use cleanroom suits, hair nets, overshoes and gloves.

The cleanroom undergoes regular microbiological screening, including settle plates and contact plates to ensure low product bio burdens.

Micropipettes are manufactured from extremely close tolerance borosilicate glass capillaries. These capillaries are washed using a special washing procedure and then rinsed thoroughly in ultra-pure water. The water used for treating the pipettes is tested regularly for bacteria and endotoxins.

The resulting micropipettes are heat treated to remove pyrogens and then sterilised.

Quality standards

All micropipettes are embryo safety tested on a batch basis using the highest industry pass mark in Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) – at least 80% of the test embryos must reach the blastocyst stage at day 6. The batches are also certified free of endotoxins by the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test.

Unique damage-free packaging – the RI Twista-Pak™

RI micropipettes are packed individually in the unique Twista-Pak™ developed by RI. This device, which operates like a lipstick, allowing easy, damage-free removal from the packaging. This unique packaging ensures that the product arrives in perfect condition. You will never again break a micropipette removing it from its packaging. Each Twista-Pak™ is colour-coded and labelled for immediate visual identification.

The Twista-Pak™ is then sealed inside an individual medical pouch. Some competitors pack their products in tamper-proof boxes where the individual pipettes have no mechanism to show that they are still sterile. Unlike these competitor products, every single RI micropipette is packaged inside a tamper proof sterile seal, ensuring its sterility until use.

The product is then sterilized using gamma irradiation before being embryo and endotoxin tested.

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“I appreciate the sharpness of the injection pipette and the comfort of the holding pipette during micro-injection of oocytes.”

Maria Beatrice Dal Canto, Centro di Medicina Riproduzione – BioGenesi, Italy