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From the groundbreaking Integra 3™ micromanipulator system to the Saturn 5 Active™ unique directional laser, RI’s hardware products are at the cutting edge of technology, providing exceptional benefits to the medical professional.

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  • Integra 3

    Integra 3™

    RI’s new Integra 3™ micromanipulator is the world’s most advanced micromanipulation system. Available from September 2013, the new Integra 3™ features the revolutionary Thermosafe™ for the ultimate thermal control. View Integra 3™ details

  • Integra Ti

    Integra Ti™

    The Integra Ti™ is accurate, simple to use and reliable. It has been designed to offer the ultimate in user control. Advanced methods of pipette set-up and angle adjustment reduce the time of ICSI procedures. View Integra TI™ details

  • Saturn Active

    Saturn 5 Active™

    The new Saturn 5 Active™ directional laser has been designed specifically for easier, safer and quicker laser drilling in IVF. The unique moveable laser means that technical procedures are more accessible that ever before. View Saturn 5 Active™ details

  • Saturn 3

    Saturn 5™

    The new Saturn 5 ™ fixed position laser system provides safe and effective laser ablation of the zona pellucida. Using a high power ablation laser and a visible pilot laser transmitted through fibre optics, the RI Saturn 5™ laser system is the most accurate system on the market today View Saturn 5™ details

  • IMSI

    RI IMSI™

    RI’s expertise in optics and micromanipulation allows us to offer a carefully chosen package for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) which provides excellent image quality yet remains simple and practical for routine clinical use, without unnecessary expense. View RI IMSI™ details

  • SAS

    SAS™ Air Syringe

    For Air-Assisted Micro-Injection and Micro-Aspiration. The SAS™ syringe provides sensitive control, extremely low dead-air volume and a capacity of 10ml. View SAS™ Air Syringe details

  • SAS-SE

    SAS-SE™ Special Edition Air Syringe

    For Air Assisted Micro-Injection and Micro-Aspiration. The SAS-SE™ Special Edition syringe provides ultra smooth precision control, extremely low dead-air volume and a capacity of 10ml. View SAS-SE™ Air Syringe details

  • SOS

    SOS™ Oil Syringe

    The SOS™ oil syringe provides superb control and precision through a tight-sealed oil system. The micrometer-actuated syringe is a small, complete unit, incorporating a sturdy non-slip base. View SOS™ Oil Syringe details