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SAS-SE™ Air Syringe

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For air-assisted micro-injection and micro-aspiration

The SAS-SE™ Special Edition smooth operating syringe provides sensitive control, and when required, can generate high pressure or suction.

The screw-actuated syringe is a small, complete unit, incorporating a heavy circular base. Its convenient dimensions enable it to be positioned next to the control lever of a micromanipulator to facilitate single-handed operation of both instruments.



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Key benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Uncomplicated
  • For air-filled aspiration/injection
  • Accurate
  • Sensitive control
  • Low dead-air volume
  • High suction/pressure
  • Equilibrating action


The syringe is connected by hard polythene tubing to a micropipette holder, which is fitted to a micromanipulator or similar instrument. Suction/injection is obtained by turning the top part of the syringe.

The equilibration button on the syringe provides a solution to the problem of capillary action when working with small micropipettes and when liquids such as medium are involved. A conveniently situated release button is provided on top of the screw control to achieve equilibration.

Feature: Description:
Piston stroke: 30mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Overall dimensions: 125mm diameter x 120mm high

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