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Products - Micro Electronics

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Micropositioning applications are catered for by RI’s comprehensive range of micromanipulators, wafer probers, micropositioners, stages and accessories. Instruments are supplied individually, as complete systems or as component parts to build into your own equipment.

  • Probing Stations

    Probing Stations

    A range of stage assemblies and accessories cater for all types of circuit or device – in wafer form, as dice, or packaged. RI’s lever-operated xy-stages ensure rapid, accurate movement between areas of devices when viewing under a microscope. View Probing Stations details.

  • Probe Needles

    Probe Needles

    RI offer a wide range of standard probe needles. The range includes sizes which are suitable as re-placement probe needles for RI probers and for probers of other manufacturers. View Probe Needles details.

  • Probing Accessories

    Lever stages, Toolholders and other accessories.

    View Probing Accessories details.