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Micropositioning applications are catered for by RI’s comprehensive range of micromanipulators, wafer probers, micropositioners, stages and accessories. Instruments are supplied individually, as complete systems or as component parts to build into your own equipment.

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High accuracy micromanipulators and probers

  • Sub-micron accuracy
  • Easy-to-use lever control
  • Three dimensional movement from one control
  • No lost motion or backlash

TLO500 probers are used for diagnostic probing inside ICs during design work, for fault analysis alongside production to improve yields, and for failure analysis on packaged circuits which have been in service.

Any number between 1 and 8 micromanipulators can be mounted on a single base. The stage assembly can incorporate xyz-stage movement and a probe card holder (a suitable microscope must be added).

A range of stage assemblies and accessories cater for all types of circuit or device – in wafer form, as dice, or packaged. RI’s lever-operated xy-stages ensure rapid, accurate movement between areas of devices when viewing under a microscope.

TLO500 micromanipulators are unsurpassed for accuracy, ease-of use, versatility and value. When incorporated into probers, lines as narrow as 0.2micron can be probed using micromanipulators which have just one control for movement in all three dimensions.

Other applications where micromanipulation is involved can be met by attaching different accessories.

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