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RI Witness™ is the most useful, simple, indispensable ART
management system in the world of bio-medical technology.

It frees up your time, energy and expertise by automatically
tracking and recording every piece of data across all your
work areas, creating a comprehensive record of each patient
at the same time. This fail-safe process fills everyone with
total confidence.

  • RI Witness

    RI Witness™

    RI Witness™ is the lab system you told us you needed.

    View RI Witness™ details

  • RI Witness™ Cryo


    Cryo function is a labelling and software solution tracking samples between the lab and the cryo preservation storage area. View Cryo details

  • RI Witness™ Traceability


    Traceability function is a software solution which tracks products and materials that come into contact with gametes or embryos. View Traceability details

  • RI Witness™ Data Capture

    Data Capture

    A data capture software for all the details in a patient’s cycle – data is input directly from the laboratory workstation to a central database. View Data Capture details

  • RI Witness™ Imaging


    The Imaging function is an integrated tool for image capture, measuring and evaluation. View Imaging details