Clinical IMSI

The RI IMSI™ solution allows morphological screening of sperm cells at very high magnification and in real time.

Studies suggest that this can lead to higher pregnancy rates.

Marrying your microscope provider’s recommended objective and condenser combination and RI’s high-sensitivity camera, medical grade monitor and versatile imaging software, you can now achieve outstanding image quality for the screening of sperm cells. teamed with RI’s Integra 3 micromanipulator you have the perfect tool to ensure the fast and efficient use of the technique.

“Cambridge IVF has been using the RI IMSI™ system since March 2012.  The system allows us to perform IMSI procedures without the need for modifications to accommodate the use of glass dishes or oil immersion optics.  The RI IMSI™ system when combined with the RI Viewer software allows us to visualise individual sperm in sufficient detail to assess their heads for the presence or absence of nuclear vacuolation.  The system has allowed us to offer another effective treatment option to our patients and we are very happy with the treatment results we have achieved from our IMSI treatment cycles to date”
Stephen Harbottle, Cambridge IVF

Key Features


Uses 60x air objective with larger field of view than traditional IMSI, resulting in much quicker procedure times

Quality Imaging

Up to 70000x magnification with high contrast and high resolution


Compatible with all popular inverted microscopes and micromanipulation systems


Can be used with standard plastic Petri dishes, glass dishes not required


High Tech Solutions

RI IMSI™ includes a high-sensitivity camera, medical grade monitor and versatile imaging software.  Working with Modulation Optics Inc., RI provides a unique, highly sensitive optical system with a 60x objective ensuring a high-resolution source image.

The monitor offers colour depth and accuracy superior to standard PC monitors and is perfect for accurately reproducing the subtle details in moving sperm images.

The camera’s large sensor has high-sensitivity pixels for bright, high-contrast images.  The pixel count is a perfect match for the resolution of the optics and allows smooth video at 15 frames per second.

RI IMSI™ is supplied with the easy to use RI Viewer™ software – the only application you need for ICSI and IMSI.  Capture, record, annotate and measure, with intuitive zoom and pan.

Microscope Compatibility






RI – HMC® 60x/0.7 or 63x/0.7 (depending on microscope)

RI – HMC® WD40mm, NA 0.6 (depending on microscope)

RI – HMC® Hoffman Modulation Contrast System

DC2 Digital Camera
High sensitivity, 1.4MP, 2/3″ colour CCD

21″ 1600 x 1200, medical grade imaging monitor

RI Viewer™ imaging software included
Up to 7000x without loss of resolution

Order Codes

Part Number Part Description
6-82-504 DC1 digital camera, 1.4MP 1/2″ CCD, 15 fps, colour
6-82-505 DC2 IMSI digital camera, 1.4MP high sensitivity 2/3″ CCD, 15 fps, colour
6-82-513 IMSI monitor, clinical review grade, DICOM compliant.  21.3″ screen
6-60-600 RI Viewer™ – software with live imaging and recording


Q. Won’t a 2MP/5MP camera give a better image?
A. No. Our 1.4MP cameras offer the optimum balance between resolution, contrast and noise. A higher resolution camera cannot improve the resolution available from the microscope, and will actually give a poorer quality image. There will be less contrast, more time-lag and more noise.

Q. Why don’t you offer a zoom C-mount?
A. They are expensive, only allow zooming to a fixed point, and only add empty magnification without improving resolution. Image manipulation using the software is much more flexible, and sperm can be followed without necessarily moving the stage.

Q. Can I use my existing Nikon NAMC/Olympus RC condenser?
A. In many cases, yes. We can offer 60x objectives to suit compatible condensers, but image resolution may be lower than with a complete HMC system. Contact us with details of your system and we will advise.

 Q. Do I have to use glass dishes and messy immersion oil?
A. No. Our system uses air objectives which work with standard plastic dishes.

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