Sperm Migration Sedimentation Chamber

The RI MSC™ (Migration Sedimentation Chamber) facilitates the separation of A-motile sperm from immotile sperm and debris.

For a normal sperm sample, centrifugation is a time-consuming and potentially damaging  method of sperm selection.  the simplicity of the migration sedimentation technique, using standard culture media and unprepared sperm, allows the operator to work very quickly.

Using the sperm’s own motility for selection is a very practical solution as the resulting sample will be of good morphological quality with minimal debris.

“RI MSC™ is simple to use and requires no centrifugation step, therefore operator time is reduced to < 5 mins. It is ideal for the efficient preparation of high quality semen and outperformed direct swim up by, on average, 46%.”
Erica Foster, Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton, UK


Key Features


Facilitates the selection of a high percentage of vigorously A-motile spermatozoa


Reduces operator time compared to centrifugation


No risk of sperm tail damage


Uses standard culture medium – no endotoxic risk from harmful gradient media


The shelf live of RI MSC™ is three years


Each RI MSC™ is sealed in a tamper-proof medical pouch, ensuring its sterility until use


Finished product HSSA tested


How It Works

The RI MSC™ is a small, cylindrical, plastic moulded vessel housing a central well with a surrounding gallery or collar, in which the progressive spermatozoa ‘jump over’ the edge of the central tube. They sediment at the bottom of the central conical tube from where they can be collected by aspiration. The cylinder is 74mm in height with a top OD of 16.5mm and fluid capacity of 6 ml (approx). It is supplied sterile and for single use.


Order Code Product
7-74-501/20 RI MSC™ (20)


Order Codes

Order Code Product
7-74-501/20 RI MSC™ (20)


Q. What kind of media do you use?
A. To prevent contamination of the sperm samples, a cap/bung may be used with the RI MSC™ device. Fitting of a cap/bung is dependent on type of medium used and incubation method. *If the incubator contains only atmospheric air and the temperature is 37 °C, the medium should be buffered with Hepes or a similar buffer, and the caps of the tubes should be tightly closed. If the incubator atmosphere is 5% (v/v) CO2 in air and the temperature is 37 °C, then the medium is best buffered with sodium bicarbonate or a similar buffer, and the caps of the test-tubes should be loose to allow gas exchange. Adherence to this will ensure that the culture pH is compatible with sperm survival.
All major media companies produce suitable culture media. Some embryologists have recommended media with Gentamicin and an optional protein supplement of human serum albumin and human serum globulins.
*World Health Organization Manual of 2010 (WHO Manual, 2010). Pg 162, Section 5.2 Sperm Preparation Techniques.

Q. What is the RI MSC™ made of?
A. A grade of polystyrene suitable for medical products which has been proven to be non-toxic to sperm by Human Sperm Survival Assay (HSSA) ≥ 70% motility at 24h.

Q. Is it suitable for ICSI selection?
A. Yes, it can help remove all the debris from the sample making ICSI selection easier. It can also be used for standard IVF and IUI.

Q. Can you use a sperm pellet?
A. Yes, you can use either raw or centrifuged sperm.

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